Welcome to the Museum of garnet in Prague!

We invite you to a unique museum. Different collectable items from pomegranate are presented here, made by old masters as well as modern jewelry from Turnov's «Pomegranate» company.

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In a museum You can get acquainted with the history of mining and a pomegranate facet in Bohemia and to see all kinds of the minerals entering into its group. Here ancient engravings and lithographs with images of tools and mechanisms which used for mining and a facet are presented.

Our visitors can receive not simply the full information on this mysterious and unusual stone, but also find the pomegranate in specially prepared mix of breeds. In our museum shop You can also buy jewelry the majority from which are the copies of ancient jewelers with pomegranates of the various periods of time.

Our museum is conveniently located in the center of ancient Prague, in a promenade zone.
Come and discover the secret of one of the most mysterious stones in the history!