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Garnet Museum is a unique place, where historical items and modern jewelry by Garnet a.s., Turnov are collected together, as well as mining history and geography of production of this semiprecious stone.

The visitors of the Museum have an opportunity not only to get detailed information about this mysterious stone, but also buy any jewelry they liked.

One can get acquainted with the history of garnet mining and cutting in Bohemia and see all the types of minerals, which belong to garnet group. There are antique engravings and lithographies illustrating instruments and mechanisms used for garnet mining and cut.

A separate exposition is devoted to the role of garnet in alchemy and astrology and its mystical qualities.

The guests of the Museum will be able to find their own garnet in specially prepared rock mix or buy garnet jewelry, which, for the most part, copy the jewelry of different periods of time.

The Museum employees’ aim is tracking the visitors along the Museum, willingness to answer all the questions regarding the exposition and selling the copies of the Museum’s exhibits.

Acquiring articles made of the garnet it is necessary to remember:

  • the purchased garnet is converted into the talisman through several years;
  • presented or transmitted by the inheritance, it brings success and prosperity.


Attention collectors and owners of the rare pieces of folk art with a garnet! We are ready to provide you a place in our museum to showcase your items. For cooperation please contact contact@magicgarnet.cz


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