Miths and Legends

An ancient legend says that the garnet carbuncle was fixed on the mast of Noah’s Ark and lighted up its voyage day and night. From this time the garnet is considered as amulet for travelers.

Garnet assures successful and easy birth, life energy and strength. It is recommended for women suffering from disordered menstrual cycle.

It provides help in illnesses connected with blood circulation, for example, in case of occlusion of veins.

In commercial book of XVI century is said that the red stone “gives joy to the heart, drives off the obscene thoughts, multiplies the reason and honor and saves from thunder, problems and baneful epidemic, leads to quick deliveries for expectant mothers”.

Lithotherapeutists think that the garnets favor wound healings, contribute metabolism and improve potency.

The medieval soldiers wore the garnets thinking that it saves from wounds.
The garnet of any color improves the success in affairs.

The garnet equalizes cardiac and blood pressure and cures depression.

In ancient times the friendship was confirmed by garnets, it was considered that the persons who had exchanged garnets will meet again without fail.

The medieval doctors recommended putting the garnet in case of fever. It was also considered that the garnet helps in case of strep throat and headaches.

The garnets are considered as stone of honesty. An Italian legend tells about a thief that robbed an jewelry store. When the thief was caught, the garnet necklace in his hands was dull and grey and gained its initial appearance only after been returned at its place.

Lithotherapeutists think that the garnets favor wound healings, contribute metabolism and improve potency.The person putting garnet is characterized by permanency, honesty and amicability and inclination to charity.

Putting of garnets is especially good for persons of fire signs: Sagittarius, Lion except of Aries. Arizona ruby is required a long and permanent passion, Aries are hot-tempered but quick recovered.

Arizona ruby is not recommended to the nervous and passionate persons.

The Planets to which the garnet is connected are Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Moon.

Arizona ruby gives the power over people but only on condition that your feelings are sincere, you are fully confident and enjoy authority. To such people the garnet will shine in their hands and helps them in the moments of weakness.

In some region of Greece the garnet is worn on children. They say that it is impossible to drown with it.

The amulet in the form of gem with lion cut out on garnet cures its owner of all illnesses.

The garnet brings the missing warm-heartedness to its owner. Who wears it, is industrious, energetic and happy in the conjugal life person.

That brought into the gift, garnet gives to new owner tolerance, contributes to acknowledgement, but if stone began to fade, then this is the sign of danger.

Garnet is a good gift to the second and sixth anniversary of wedding, and also for those, who were born in January.

In Ayurvedre it is indicated that the garnet is beneficial for the disturbances “of watt” and “kapkha” (disturbance of exchange of substances). Stone beneficially influences emotional state, stabilizes heart activity and helps with the inflammatory processes.

In the east it is considered that the garnets especially shines in the hands of passionate person.

In ancient Egypt the diseases of the blood and snake bites were treated by garnets.

The garnet of any color improves the success in affairs.Persians wore garnets as protection from the natural catastrophes. They considered it as royal stone and cut out on it the silhouettes of their Master as the sign of deep respect and devotion.

Crusaders being sent for Jerusalem brought it with themselves in the ring in order to protect themselves from the wounds and the poisons.

Black garnet (melanite, schlorlomite) helps better to associate with the peace of deceased for the knowledge of future. Although not one sin blames so strictly in the Bable and by church as magic, calling and conversation with the dead.

Garnet is New York's gemstone

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